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Breastfeeding & Lactation

Excellence in evidence-based care for real life. Because beginnings matter.
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Do I need a lactation consultant?
     Whilst breastfeeding is the most natural way on earth for babies to be nourished, it does not always work easily. It is a team work that requires information, new skills and sometimes a few adjustments, as any other learning process.
     An IBCLC holds the premier global credential in lactation and breastfeeding and can help with both basic and complex challenges. 
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Services home visits and video conference consultations

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Mother Baby Bonding
Testimonials BF

“Marina's consultation is
a holistic experience that supports you in several spheres. For me she was my right arm in this fight for breastfeeding to work,
and it did!”

“After the consultation, I
felt more confident and

calmer, as I saw that breast-feeding can be made easy and that many of our anxieties and fears have a solution.”

“I was in despair, you took my hand and we did it together! My chubby and happy baby thanks you!”

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