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About Me

I am a Brazilian feeding specialist who left her home country +6 years ago to look for new adventures.

I graduated more than a decade ago and certified as a lactation consultant after moving overseas.

I am currently based in Northern Ireland - UK, offering consultations, both online and home care through the Emerald Isle.

I like to cook, read, do yoga, and walk (when the local weather cooperates). I also enjoy road trips - I would travel around the world by car if I could.

As an IBCLC and nutritionist, I advocate, promote and support breast milk as first food for babies.


Since I graduated, I experienced different clinical settings that help me to have a wider view when practicing. I've worked in hospitals, community health centres and private clinics. Paediatrics and mental health are the areas I specialize in as nutritionist.

From preemies to teenagers, I have been helping families to feed their children and overcoming several challenging situations related to milk and food intake.

Once certified as IBCLC I started offering private breastfeeding consultations and keep myself update attending to specific conferences and courses. I am also member of the Association of Lactation Consultants in Ireland.


Qualified in Eating Disorders

+ Maternal & Child Nutrition Specialist


+12 years specialising in Eating Disorders & ObesityChildren's Eating Behaviour and Lactation through several associations


+10 years of practice in nutritional counselling, nutritional follow-up during pregnancy, breastfeeding counselling, weaning, and improvement of eating behaviour during childhood


BSc (Hons) Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics

+ International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

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