The topics diet and body are always coming up in conversations everywhere. We are constantly bombarded by images of 'perfect' bodies and advertisements of 'magical' diets and pills. There is a continuous appeal for a slim body with defined muscles, and to only eat specific foods.


    Without realizing, you are overthinking about food, chasing an improved body at any cost and spending too much of your life obsessing about these things. 


    The truth is that your body has a protective reaction to restrictions which often lead you into craving, overeating and bingeing. Besides, your body is not as manageable as the media and diet culture make you believe.


     All this combined is a powerful fuel to get you stuck in a cycle of restriction-overeating-guilt. Have you ever felt like that?


     Well, this is not your fault! Nobody is able to know your body better than yourself and that is why diets don't work for most people. 


     I work in an evidence-based practice, with a holistic non-diet approach, which considers that body and mind work together.


     A reconnection with your body’s signals of hunger, satiety and satisfaction gives you the ability to know when to eat, what to eat and how much you need.


     This all contributes to enhanced body confidence, making peace with food, and allows you to achieve maximum health.

Join me and embrace this new journey!

Gentle eating

is a pathway to

self-care & health.

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