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about me


    I’m a nutritional therapist from Brazil who is fed up of the diet-talking that happens at colleges, shopping centres, gyms, restaurants… well, anywhere.

     I’ve lived in three different continents and I can tell, unfortunately, that’s worldwide. Life is more than that, people!

     No matter where I am, I love to try new restaurants and local dishes, discover the regional  literature, and promote a peaceful relationship with food and body.

     It is through the Instagram @marinaferrarinutrition that I share a kind (but also evidence-based) message to help people to relax from this disturbed eating environment.

     I also enjoy to cook, specially the Brazilian recipes that I grew up eating. It helps me to feel at home anywhere. To find the ingredients, I need to look for international stores around, where I usually find a lot of interesting stuff also for my dishes creations.


BSc (Hons) Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics

+ Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal & Child Nutrition


Specialist in Mental Health

+ Qualification in Eating Disorders


+8 years specialising in Eating Disorders & Obesity and Children's Eating Behaviour through several associations


+5 years of practice in nutritional counselling, nutritional follow-up during pregnancy and improvement of eating behaviour pattern during childhood

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